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Here are some friendly terms and conditions.

[August, 2023]
Let’s Get Started

By using our cool pre-made graphic design templates, you’re agreeing to follow these terms. If you’re not up for it, just give the templates a pass.

What You Can Do

You’re welcome to use these templates for your personal or business projects. Feel free to tweak them to match your needs. But remember, you can’t share, resell, or pass them off as your own. If you intend to sell this template on a marketplace or any other platform and wish to possess ownership, please review the Triple O license and reach out to us.

Who Owns What

The templates are like little creative gems, and they belong to us and our talented creators. Copyright rules apply here. You’re getting a license to use the templates, not to own them.

Play Nice

Let’s keep things positive. Don’t use the templates for anything illegal, harmful, or hurtful. Also, don’t make it seem like we’re best buddies just because you’re using our templates.

No Guarantees

We think our templates are pretty awesome, but we can’t promise they’ll be perfect for everyone. Use them at your own risk, and remember, we’re not liable for any oopsies.

Be Responsible

If something goes wrong because of how you use the templates, it’s your responsibility. You agree to cover any damages or issues that pop up.

Bye Bye, Access

If you don’t stick to these terms, we might have to say goodbye to your access to the templates. Let’s keep things fun and respectful.

Changes Happen

These terms might change now and then, but we’ll let you know if they do. If you keep using the templates, it means you’re cool with the updates.

We’re All Friends Here

* If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, just shoot us an email at [support@pixaab.com]. We’re here to help and make things as smooth as possible.
So, by using our pre-made graphic design templates, you’re agreeing to these friendly terms. Have a blast getting creative on Pixaab.com! .